Vehicle wraps are so affordable and have such fantastic return on investment that you can’t afford not to include them in your marketing budget.

So, What Does a Vinyl Vehicle Wrap Cost, Exactly?
It depends on the size and what part of the vehicle you’re wrapping. To be more specific:
• Full vinyl car wraps on average can cost up to $3500 (certain vehicle factors and design affect pricing). A full wrap includes nearly every external, painted surface—hood, sides, rear and windows. Wraps on compact cars will be less of an investment, and SUVs and cargo van wraps will cost a bit more.
• Including the roof adds to the price. Wrapping your vehicle’s roof will generally add 10% or so to the total cost.
Partial vinyl car wraps can cost as little as $200. You can choose to apply vinyl to any part of your vehicle—just the back window, just the hood and so on.

Other Factors That Affect The Cost of Vinyl Wraps

Obviously, the size of your vehicle and how much you want to wrap will affect the price of your vinyl wrap. Other factors include:
• The shape of your vehicle. Some cars require more labor because their shape makes installation trickier.
• Materials and Installation. Some sign shops offer unrealistically inexpensive vinyl wrap services, don’t be lured by the cheapest price. Chances are good that a dramatically low price is the result of cheap materials and/or poor installation. In short, keep “you get what you pay for” in mind. At Markit, we only use 3M vinyl for vehicle wraps.

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